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4 Surprising Causes of Dry Skin & Their Solution ✅

Have you ever caught yourself staring in the mirror wondering why you skin is so dry, making you feel insecure?

...And you have no idea what’s causing the dry skin on your face and how to treat it?

I'm here to help. 

Dry skin is a common problem, and if your goal is a smooth, glowing and youthful-looking complexion, dry and flaky skin on your face probably won't give you the motivational boost you need.

Let’s start with some basics.

To help prevent the outer layer from losing water, the skin produces an oily substance called sebum.

If your skin doesn’t have enough sebum, it can lose water and start to feel dry.

You can typically tell if your skin is dehydrated if you pinch one of your cheeks and it wrinkles with gentle pressure instead of holding its shape.

Dehydrated skin will also feel tight and appear duller than usual.

You may also notice more exaggerated wrinkles or ones in places you don’t remember having them, along with deeper dark circles.

The worst areas are typically near the eybrows and around the corners of the nose and mouth.

So here are some common reasons for your dry skin and a couple solutions to this skin issue:

1. Chemicals in beauty and skincare products

You probably haven't thought about it too much, but many of the beauty products women use every day contain harmful chemicals that can cause dry skin, irritation and even lead to other health problems. 

Unfortunately, many beauty brands still use harmful ingredients that offer quick solutions but often lead to long-term problems. 

Solution: Aim for natural products to use in your skincare regimen.

Natural products are infused with botanical extracts that don’t cause harm and are scientifically proven to work.

2. Long, hot showers

It’s tempting, we get it.

But this practice could end up creating issues for your skin.

Taking long and streaming showers or baths can dry out the moisture in your skin and weaken the skin barrier function.

The problem with hot showers is that they strip your body of the natural oils in the skin. 

Solution:  Make sure to moisturise (at the right time!)

Choosing a moisturiser that supports the skin's barrier function and is suitable for dry skin is really important.

You also want to make sure you’re applying it correctly. 

If you wait until your skin is totally dry after showering, you’ll have missed the lock-it-in window. 

The thinner layers of skin around your nose can be susceptible to painful drying, so a moisturiser helps prevent this while also keeping your skin supple.

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3. Ageing can increase dryness

Okay, this one we can’t really control but there are solutions that can prevent dryness that comes with ageing.

So why does this happen?

As we get older our skin produces less oil and becomes drier.

Mature skin is less able to retain moisture and preventing irritants and pollutants from getting in.

This triggers inflammation, which leads to increased collagen breakdown.

You’ll notice your skin is more sensitive than it used to, so choosing a sensitive-skin-friendly skincare is important.

Solution: Going for a gentle cleanser and moisturiser that support and repair the skin barrier is crucial.

4. Hydrate your skin from the inside out

Hydrating your skin from the inside is just as important as what you treat it with from the outside.

Drinking plenty of water every day is key to keeping your entire body, and therefore your skin hydrated.

The takeaway:

When your skin is dry, it creates a shift in the healthy microbiome.

When you’re prone to dry skin, it’s especially crucial to nourish and nurture your skin’s microbiome and the good bacteria living there. 

Keeping your skin hydrated and supple all comes down to whether you can properly trap in water.

When your skin barrier is weakened, something called transdermal water loss happens (which basically just means water droplets are literally evaporating out of the skin). 

The stress hormone, cortisol, is known to compromise your barrier function, which mens your skin is more likely to experience this – resulting in drier skin during periods of stress. 

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