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How Roses Inspired Us? Learn About the 3 Major Benefits of Adding Roses to Your Routine.

Roses are not only beautiful and delicate flowers, but they also have the capability to make your skin bloom. Before I go on telling you about the (many) benefits of making roses part of your skincare routine, let me paint a little picture in your mind, so you could travel to the place where our roses find their origins at. 


It’s 6:30 on a summer morning at the Rose Valley, located between Middle Forest Mountain and Balkan Mountain, Bulgaria. The morning sunbeams are peeking through the clouds, just so they could bath the valley in warm yellow light. The gentle cool breeze touches the beautiful fields of Rosa damascene (a rose cultivar from which oil is produced). The fragrance of roses fills the whole environment, making the morning a magical experience. The roses are picked during these hours of the day, when there are still dew drops on their leaves- these drops store the rose oil and are key to the high quality of rose products. 

The magic happens right here next to us, and we at Gentle & Rose are lucky to be this close. We believe that natural skincare from a pure place of love and healing is the most effective way to care for ourselves, our families, and our planet. 



What makes roses so special?

 Rose has been used for thousands of years for various things – from a currency to medicine. Rose water and rose oil are considered to be safe and can be added to your beauty regime, regardless of your skin type. There are no known risks for the general population (the only exception is if you are allergic to the substance), so let’s go and explore three of the major benefits it could have in your skincare routine. 

Roses soothe skin and help skin’s moisture barrier remain strong

 While we already mentioned that rose oil and rose water suit all skin types, they are notably great for people who have dry skin - that is due to their remarkable moisturizing capabilities that help soothe skin itchiness. In every case, roses will take proper care of hydrating your skin, which can be extremely rewarding when it comes to balancing the overall hydration in the skin. Roses help in the mission of protecting the skin from moisture loss and that alone makes them the heroes in this story, as the skin’s moisture barrier is an essential part of our immune system.

Roses are potent in antioxidants

 We hear the term ‘antioxidants’ pretty often, but in case you aren’t entirely sure what it means, don’t worry, we got you. Antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals – the compounds that can harm our bodies. One study found that Rosa damascene has high antioxidant activities and these exact antioxidants can help to strengthen skin cells, which in itself could also help to regenerate skin tissues. Antioxidants help in the aim of neutralizing free radicals, which can bring anti-aging benefits to the skin. Bearing this information in mind, let’s jump to the next major benefit of roses. 



 Roses can help to fight off wrinkles

 Roses have been around for so many years and we are certainly not the first ones to discover their abilities – during the Roman period women would place roses on their face to keep away wrinkles and stay radiant. Well, now we have scientific data to back this up. 

 Besides being rich in antioxidants, rose water and rose oil are also filled with vitamin A and C, which can help the aging process to some extent, they are well-known for their role in producing collagen. As we age gracefully, collagen levels start to decrease (but that’s okay, we’re all in this together). Vitamin C gives some help in stimulating skin cells and the production of collagen, which results in smoothing the appearance of wrinkles, reducing the look of age spots. 

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