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Is Sunscreen Worse Than UV Exposure?

Board Certified PH.D Wound Care Specialist Develops The Most Unique & Effective Sunscreen Available

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By Ella Edwards - Skincare Expert & Researcher

Every single sunscreen is sold in drug stores… and most of them on Amazon contains harmful chemicals. We know that. But we didn’t pay attention to how badly sunscreen damages our skin, and our family’s skin until now.

In fact, the chemicals in “brand name” sunscreen actually accelerate oxidative damage.

These chemicals make:

❌ Our face takes on a rusting appearance…
❌ Make deeper, more pronounced wrinkles…
❌ Cause faster sagging (especially around the eyes…)
❌ And a puffy, red inflammation complexion.

But these chemicals also cause free radicals, mutated cells and hormone disruption. Meaning, the younger we start using toxic sunscreen, the faster our appearance is ultimately going to age.

The question is:

Why are we sold sunscreen that causes the exact type of damage as UV exposure?

❌ Why does the FDA allow chemicals that should never touch human skin in our sunscreens?
❌ Why do they let us put cancer-causing chemicals on our babies and children?
❌ Why are these toxic sunscreens getting 5 star reviews on Amazon?

Unfortunately, these chemicals (including Zinc Oxide) are only allowed in our sunscreen because of profits. Even worse, top brands try to hide using these chemicals.

Check this out:

This is how big brands distract you from what’s actually IN their sunscreens. But when we take a quick look at the ingredients, we’re told a different story.

When we read ingredients, the first one is the highest quantity. And the last ingredients are in sunscreen the least.

Take a look at that first ingredient:


This is a known cancer-causing ingredient. And there’s no warning on the label to state this known fact! It’s an absolute outrage.

But… why are people giving these toxic sunscreens 5 stars on Amazon?

Well, these sunscreens do prevent burns. But that’s it.

Here's what they don't tell you:

Ingredients like Avobenzone degrade in-reaction to UV exposure after about 30 minutes. Zinc Oxide isn’t much better. It only lasts for two hours before it degrades and becomes extra toxic.

I knew I had to find a better sunscreen

During my research for a new sunscreen, I found something amazing. It’s unlike any sunscreen I’ve ever seen. It has UV protecting, anti-aging ingredients we normally find in expensive serums and moisturizers.

It's called Antarctic Sun Defense.

Antarctic Sun Defense is free of all the harmful chemicals used in drug store and Amazon-type sunscreens. It’s an SPF 50 sunscreen that feels light and luxurious.

It’s made by a Board Certified PHD, Dr. Karli Richards, and protects our skin in ways SPF can’t.

Karli and her team added two incredible ingredients. Both of them come from places that are exposed to the planet’s harshest UV exposure.

These 2 places are Antarctica and Australia.

Antarcticine is a protein that repairs and seals our skin barrier. This keeps nutrients in, and environmental toxins out. Antarcticine also stimulates our skin’s fibroblasts. This helps replenish our type 1 collagen and elastin. Giving us a rejuvenated appearance in a 98% natural sunscreen.

Antarctic Sun Defense works in blistering heat and frigid cold. But that’s not all. Because Antarctic Sun Defense is formulated to protect our skin against HEV blue light too. That’s a big deal since it’s proven HEV blue light is almost as bad as UV exposure.

No other sunscreen works outside AND inside... without ANY side effects!

Dr. Karli and her team also added the Kakadu Plum.

It’s one of the newest, trending skincare ingredients for a reason. But it’s been used for thousands of years by the Aboriginal people in northern Australia. They’ve used it for sun protection - inside and out.

The Kakadu Plum inhibits melanin production. So we have brighter skin while erasing dark spots and giving us an all-over-perfect tone.

Antarctic Sun Defense also includes:

Marine-Earth Water: Full of minerals, it “refuels” our cellular energy factors for a glowing complexion.

Rice Water: This is another trending ingredient. Rice water purifies the pores, further protects us from UV, and helps produce collagen.

AloFerm: AloFerm rehydrates the skin 5x better than regular Aloe Vera. It also gives us instant skin firmness. We see visible results in only seconds.

👉 Check out Antarctic Sun Defense now!

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