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Are Popular Sunscreens Making Us Look Old?

“Over-the-counter sunscreens contain chemicals that become toxic when they interact with UV. These sunscreens should never touch human skin. Yet they get 5 star reviews on Amazon. So what’s the truth?” Dr. Karli Richards


The sunscreen market is blowing up.

UV-protection is big business.

For good reason too.

Our ozone layer is thinning. It’s exposing our skin to unheard of levels of UV radiation.

That’s why sunscreen is more important than ever to maintain our youthful appearance.

And prevent the appearance of premature, accelerated aging. 

No matter what our age.

In fact, the right sunscreen is the #1 thing we can do to:

✅ Minimize expression wrinkles…
✅ Keep an even skin tone & texture…
✅ Preserve our youthful, plump complexion…
✅ Stop sagging & Elastin loss before it begins…
✅ Slow down the rapid Type 1 Collagen decline…

Protecting the fibroblasts from UV damage is a big deal too. That’s where we naturally produce Type 1 Collagen. The protein responsible for keeping our skin tight, firm, lifted, glowing and smooth.

And get this:

80% of our skin is made of collagen.

Unless we protect our collagen from UV rays, we’ll lose over 50% of it by 60. So the more collagen we lose, the more our skin droops, dries out and wrinkles.

But our eyes reveal collagen decline and looking “old” the most.

The eyes have the thinnest skin on our bodies. So they show collagen loss (and aging) the most. Crow’s feet, sagging eyelids and darker, textured under-eyes are trademarks of UV, oxidative damage.

It goes without saying:

Keeping our thinning skin taut and able to retain moisture are keys to always looking youthful. Again, the right sunscreen preserves collagen.

So why are companies selling us toxic sunscreen?

Simple. Profits.

It’s the same kind of “profits over people” mentality we’re seeing in healthcare, Big Pharma and even supplement companies.

Sunscreen companies are no different.

All of the top-selling sunscreens contain UV absorbing ingredients like Oxybenzone, Avobenzone and Homosalate.

These ingredients become unstable when they over-absorb UV.

And cause even more accelerated-aging-damage to our skin.

The good news?

Dr. Karli Richards, a practising doctor, skincare and wound repair specialist, is changing what we should expect out of our sunscreen.

She and her team of skincare experts sourced rare ingredients that protect our youthful appearance… the way sunscreen’s supposed to.

But Dr. Karli didn’t stop there.

The ingredients she researched repair existing sun damage, seal-in moisture, and instantly tighten our complexion.

There are other ingredients that have incredible added benefits too:

✅ Instantly, visibly tightens & plumps our skin
✅ Inhibits melanin production & dark spots
✅ Rapidly reduces the appearance of wrinkles
✅ Recharges the electrical (energy) factories in our cells
✅ Provides an all-over, even-toned, poreless-looking complexion
✅ Stimulates fibroblasts for increased collagen & elastin production

All in a light-feeling, nourishing, SPF50 sunscreen that doesn’t clog our pores or leave white cast!

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