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"Initially, I was rather dubious, but now I simply can't leave the house without it! It's delightful on the skin, provides SPF50 without any ghastly white residue, and blends effortlessly with my makeup. Even my husband remarked on how radiant my complexion looks!" - Lori P.

 4,8/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  
based on over 4108 Reviews

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Visible Results

Visible Results

In lab studies the Antarctic Sun Defence showed dramatic boost in Type 1 Collagen and Elastin production, Moisture Retention Capacity and Ability to significantly Reduce Existing Free Radicals and Sun-Damage Discoloration. 


reported Reduced
Dryness and Flakiness*


reported Visibly Firmer
and Rejuvenated Skin*


reported Improved

*A 4-week long self-report survey.
85 women aged between 35 and 78.

What Are The 4 Telltale Signs of
a Broken Skin Barrier?

A compromised skin barrier fast-tracks the aging process.

This vulnerability means fine lines deepen, wrinkles form more rapidly, and the once youthful plumpness diminishes. 

Dryness and

Skin barrier's main function is to retain moisture. Once compromised, the skin starts to lose its inherent hydration, causing dryness and flakiness.

Antarctic Sun Defence is infused with a rare peptide called Antarcticine® which seals the skin barrier, provides deep hydration throughout the day and rejuvenates dry patches. Vitamin B5 ensures sustained moisture, warding off flakiness.

97% of customers reported reduced Dryness and Flakiness only after 4 weeks of use. 

Loss of Elasticity and Firmness

As the skin barrier becomes compromised with age, it struggles to retain essential nutrients and moisture. This leads to a decrease in skin's natural elasticity and firmness, making it appear more sagged and less taut than before.

Antarcticine boosts collagen, Kakadu plum defends against free radicals, and Vitamin E with AloFerm HF deeply hydrates. Remarkably,

85% of customers reported visibly firmer and rejuvenated skin after just 4 weeks of using Antarctic Sun Defence.

Dull Complexion

 A compromised barrier can hinder the skin's natural renewal process, leading to a lacklustre and tired appearance.

Embrace a transformation from a lackluster appearance to a vibrant, luminous complexion. With consistent use of Antarctic Sun Defence, witness your skin regain its youthful radiance, looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and brilliantly alive.

92% of customers reported Improved Complexion. 

Tightness and Discomfort

An unmistakable feeling of tightness, especially after cleansing, signifies a stripped and compromised barrier.

Dive into a world where skin feels supple and comfortable every day.

Antarctic Sun Defence melts away sensations of tightness and sensitivity, replacing them with a smooth, relaxed feel. Embrace the relief and rediscover the joy of skin that feels as good as it looks.

Our Customers Share The Love 💕

 4,8/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  
based on over 4108 Reviews

"Finally, a moisturiser that understands my mature skin. I love that all my skin needs is stacked into one product!"

Lucy, Manchester

"From the first use, I noticed a difference. My skin feels nourished and looks so much brighter."

Eleanor, Bristol

"I've been searching for a product that offers sun protection without the greasy feel and white cast. This is it! Plus, the anti-ageing benefits are a bonus."

Ella, Los Angeles

"This is a game-changer for women over 60. It's lightweight, yet so effective. My skin thanks me every day."

Lillian, San Diego

How UV Rays Damage Our Skin Barrier And Trigger Unstoppable Ageing?

Yes, even in cloudy weather...

Our skin barrier is meant to keep solar rays and environmental toxicity from penetrating.

But as UV and infrared radiation (IR) breaks our skin barrier down, visible aging rapidly accelerates:

• More Sagging…
• More DEEP Wrinkles…
• More Discoloration…
• More Dark Spots…
• And MORE Collagen Loss…

A damaged skin barrier is like a screen door, it lets everything in.

Even worse, it drains our skin’s nutrition and moisture… out.

That’s why our skin gets dry, cracks, inflamed and blotchy.

Broken Skin Barrier:
Skin feels dry, tight, and irritated, with visible redness, flakiness, and small cracks that make it look rough and uneven.

Healthy Skin Barrier:
Skin looks rejuvenated with natural radiance and an even texture that looks plump and vibrant.
Results after 3 weeks.

Whereas a healthy skin barrier holds moisture and nutrition in.

Whereas a healthy skin barrier holds moisture and nutrition in.

Antarctic Sun Defence features Antarcticine®.

This next-level ingredient visibly repairs the fragile skin barrier, so moisture’s kept in, while toxins and solar rays are kept out. At the same time…

Antarcticine® boosts Type 1 Collagen.

It’s like adding the filling back into a stuffed animal. 

Your face plumps back up, smoothes out and becomes constantly tighter-looking.

Visible Aging : Wrinkles, Dark Spots, Sagging, Rosacea, Puffy Eyes, And Crepey Skin Are From Solar Rays

Skin Expert Developed Formula Changes What We Should Expect From Our Skincare Products

Did you know that regular sunscreens often use ingredients that age our skin?

Even the 5 Stars Amazon Best Selling skincare products often contain chemicals that malfunction and attack our healthy skin cells.

Dr. Karli Richard Had A Different Vision

Dr. Karli and her team created an antioxidant-rich, solar protecting daily moisturiser with natural UV-protecting, anti-aging rare ingredients.

How To Use?

How To Use? 

Antarctic Sun Defence Sunscreen with SPF 50 is designed not only to provide exceptional sun protection but also to replace your daily moisturisers and antioxidant serums.

Its unique formula ensures no white cast is left behind, giving you an invisible shield against harmful UV rays.

⚠️ Remember: Even on cloudy days, the sun's UV rays can still cause harm. Make it a habit to protect your skin daily with Antarctic Sun Defence Sunscreen.

What Makes Antarctic Sun Defence Different?



Rare, Clinically Proven
Natural Ingredients

Formulated By
Real Doctors And Skin Experts

Advanced Tightening

Nurtures and Protects
The Skin Barrier

Boosts Type 1 Collagen
And Elastin Production

Digital Devices
Blue Light Protection


Our Ingredients

The Kakadu Plum grows wild in the Northern Region of Australia. For centuries... the aboriginal culture used the protective and restorative qualities of the Kakadu Plum. It’s used for advanced UV protection.

Like Antarcticine, the Kakadu Plum evolved to create extra protection against UV rays.

Those same properties lend themselves to:

✅ Lightening our skin…
✅ Inhibiting Melanin production… (less dark spots)
✅ Protecting our skin cell Energy Factories…
Neutralizing free radicals (oxidative damage)...

And giving us an all-over glow & plump-radiance…

The Kakadu Plum regulates our Melanocytes, so less & less dark pigment is made.

Slowing down our skin's natural reaction to UV rays. Over 2-3 cellular turnover cycles… our skin looks brighter, lighter, and smoother.

We maintain or regain a poreless, porcelain-like complexion. Regardless of skin color.

Protect & Repair Skin Barrier And Sun-Damage At Its Core

Protect & Repair Sun-Damage At Its Core

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