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Visible Aging : Wrinkles, Dark Spots, Sagging, Rosacea, Puffy Eyes, And Crepey Skin Are From Solar Rays

Visible Aging : Wrinkles, Dark Spots, Sagging, Rosacea, Puffy Eyes, And Crepey Skin Are From Solar Rays

90% of visible aging comes from solar rays, including UV, Visible, and Infrared Light, which unleash skin-aging free radicals.

A healthy skin barrier is crucial for protection, but solar rays weaken it, even with strong SPF.

This can accelerate aging, making our skin look older with each year and diminishing the effect of pricey skincare products.

Antarctic Sun Defence is crafted to both shield and mend our skin barrier, visibly reversing the aging process.

Did You Know UV Rays Are Stronger On Cloudy Days ?

It’s a myth that sunscreen isn’t necessary on cloudy, stormy, frigid days.

The truth ?

Sunscreen is actually more necessary than ever on cloudy days, especially in fall and winter.

Environmental conditions like cold, wind and dryness compound the damage UV (and other solar rays) do to our skin barrier.

Plus, certain clouds act as a magnifying glass.

This magnifying effect bakes our skin barrier, creating instant and long term visible damage.

At the same time…It’s important to increase antioxidant protection against the free radicals “cloudy UV” triggers. A

ntarctic Sun Defence is specifically formulated to cryoprotect the skin barrier… while blocking and neutralizing free radicals.

Advanced Sun Protection: Combat ageing, come rain or shine.🛡️

Antarcticine® Technology: Dive into the age-defying secret from the depths of Antarctica. ❄️

Mainstream Sunscreen Ingredients
Accelerate Skin Aging

All mainstream sunscreen relies on either Avobenzone or Zinc Oxide to protect our skin from the sun’s rays.

But new research proves these ingredients degrade quickly when exposed to the sun.

Once they degrade, they become as (or more) toxic than the solar rays they’re supposed to protect us from.

In under 2 hours, these ingredients lose their protective ability. Instead they increase the production of age-accelerating free radicals.

These free radicals break down collagen in the skin and damage the skin barrier. This damage shows up as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and dull skin.

Wearing sunscreen with these ingredients speeds up the aging process (instead of slowing it down.)

Oh, did I mention Zinc Oxide & Avobenzone are no longer FDA approved?

Natural Extracts : "From nature to your skin. Experience the purity and potency of handpicked ingredients."

What Makes Antarctic Sun Defence Different?




Rare, Clinically Proven
Natural Ingredients

Formulated By
Real Doctors And Skin Experts

Advanced Tightening

Nurtures and Protects
The Skin Barrier

Boosts Type 1 Collagen
And Elastin Production

Digital Devices
Blue Light Protection


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"Finally, a moisturiser that understands my mature skin. The glow is real, and I'm in love!"

Lucy, Manchester.

"From the first use, I noticed a difference. My skin feels nourished and looks so much brighter."

Eleanor, Bristol.

"This is a game-changer for women over 40. It's lightweight, yet so effective. My skin thanks me every day."

Sophie, Belfast.

"I've been searching for a product that offers sun protection without the greasy feel. This is it! Plus, the anti-ageing benefits are a bonus."

.Clara, Leeds.

"A friend recommended this, and it's been a revelation. My skin feels rejuvenated, and those fine lines? They're fading!"

Nina, Glasgow.

"The natural ingredients truly shine. My skin feels pampered and looks so much more radiant."

Isabelle, Norwich.

"I was skeptical, but this moisturiser proved me wrong. It's been two weeks, and my skin has never felt better."

Amelia, Oxford.

"I love how it protects against digital blue light. Working from home means more screen time, and this moisturiser is my new best friend."

Charlotte, Liverpool.

"It's not just a moisturiser; it's a skin saviour. The hydration lasts all day, and my skin feels so soft."

Rebecca, Sheffield.

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Antarctic Sun Defence : 
Nature's Ultimate
Shield & Revitaliser

The Kakadu Plum grows wild in the Northern Region of Australia. For centuries... the aboriginal culture used the protective and restorative qualities of the Kakadu Plum. It’s used for advanced UV protection.

Like Antarcticine, the Kakadu Plum evolved to create extra protection against UV rays.

Those same properties lend themselves to:

✅ Lightening our skin…
✅ Inhibiting Melanin production… (less dark spots)
✅ Protecting our skin cell Energy Factories…
Neutralizing free radicals (oxidative damage)...

And giving us an all-over glow & plump-radiance…

The Kakadu Plum regulates our Melanocytes, so less & less dark pigment is made.

Slowing down our skin's natural reaction to UV rays. Over 2-3 cellular turnover cycles… our skin looks brighter, lighter, and smoother.

We maintain or regain a poreless, porcelain-like complexion. Regardless of skin color.

Results* according to a verified customer survey.

Protect & Repair Skin Barrier And Sun-Damage At Its Core

Protect & Repair Sun-Damage At Its Core

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