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The Royalty's Secret to Clear & Glowing Skin: How the Princess Was Soothing Her Sensitive Skin According To Her Make Up Artist

Learn the easy 2 Minute at home Face Cleansing Routine That Helped her Reduce Inflammation and Reddness caused by Rosascea 

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To this day…

Princess Diana is the most iconic beauty figure of the 20th century.

Being the most photographed woman in the last 100 years...

Her natural beauty & smile evoked the attention of both men and women.

In contrast to today's idea of beauty... hers was utterly authentic.

❌ No costly nips and tucks.

❌ No artificial plumpers.

❌ No overdone lip enhancements.

 And none of that 'frozen face' malarkey you spot on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Instead, her golden locks, piercing blue peepers, and naturally glowing skin spoke volumes.

But this beauty icon suffered from a skin condition…

Since her teenage years Princess Diana reportedly battled one of the toughest skin conditions - Rosacea.

Creams, procedures, and other treatemetns. She’s tried them all to fix it…

Because since she was a child, she was forced to carry it with her everywhere she went.

Royal Beauty Unmasked: The Princess's Struggle with Rosacea

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Ever heard of Rosacea?

According to the NHS, rosacea is a “long-term skin condition that mainly affects the face. It's more common in women and people with lighter skin, but symptoms can be worse in men.”

Rosacea is when a woman’s face starts getting red blushes all of a sudden.

But that tomato red flush doesn't just stick around for a few hours... It lingers for hours, days, even weeks.

It appears randomly... and has a few common triggers.

✅ High inflammatory foods
✅ Harsh chemicals in skincare 
✅ UV Rays from the sun
✅ A broken skin barrier

This is what Rosacea usually looks like...

Advertorial Photo 2.3.webp__PID:2916db09-4351-4046-be76-b3c6d884af42

And this is what it looks like on the Princess...

Advertorial Photo Princess Diana.jpg__PID:be76b3c6-d884-4f42-b411-580115cd0c7c

Many say that the clever cover up adds to the charm of the Princess...

Which brings me to the point.

With a proper tricky condition like this…

How did Princess Diana become one the most recognisable beauty icon of the 20th century?

How did she become the fashion icon that still inspires so many?

How did she manage to hide this condition so craftily that it actually added to her allure?

images (9).jpg__PID:0896809d-ee41-4d19-9d51-9c7411172ad2

The Royal House and private makeup artist now confirmed...

90% of Princess Diana's clear and radiant skin came down to her cleansing routine.

Faithfully done every morning and evening.

And every night before hitting the bed.

The 2 minute cleansing ritual that relieves Rosacea!

Here is what experts from the British Journal of Dermatology now share:

Advertorial Photo 4.png__PID:627bd8ba-bc92-4d4f-b4cd-3c308ff59931

''Proper skin cleansing is the most overlooked step in a woman's skincare routine. Because during the day our skin is attacked by UV rays, free radicals and even modern makeup. Improper cleansing leads to….

✅ Breaking down the collagen structure of the skin
✅ 2x Less elastin production
✅ Damaged skin barrier
✅ Dull skin complexion

‘’Many women think tired appearance in the morning is just the norm’’

Advertorial Photo 5 (1).webp__PID:3c8bac46-30d7-403d-bdd6-c038093ba0aa

But the truth is, this may be due to improper cleansing from the night before.

Not just because of clogged pores or accumulated oxidative stress...

But also makeup that hasn't been cleaned properly that settles into fine lines, making them more pronounced and noticeable

These things cause our skin to age prematurely both short and long term.

Here's what else the princess makeup artist had to share

‘’Our skin should look it’s best first thing in the morning if it has had proper care to renew itself and recover.”


But let’s go back to Princess Diana. 

And her 2 minute DIY cleansing ritual for clear and vibrant skin.

Is Rose Flower Water the Princess's secret to youthful, hydrated and protected skin?


Thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks used rose oil on their skin for its rejuvenating effects.

Cleopatra bathed Rose Oil too.

After her, the Roman empire also adopted this ritual.

Today, the deeply hydrating and skin smoothing effects of this exotic ingredient have been long forgotten...

But according to the Royal Private Make Up Artist this is what Princess Diana religiously used for over 20 years.

She applied a cleansing face mask, rich of Rosa Damascena Flower Water.

Rosa Damascena Flower Water is proven to:

✅ Clear facial skin of bad agents and free radicals
✅ Help hydrated, soft, supple and youthful skin
✅ Stimulate blood flow circulation for еxtra radiancy
✅ Help other skincare products to increase their effects
✅ Boost all anti-aging properties

It's not Just a Fancy Perfume Ingredient... It's Mother Nature's Overlooked Natural Skin Cleanser

Advertorial Photo 6 (1).webp__PID:8a6e5ec9-0223-4134-8a10-f7217360ff4e

For 20 years, Princess Diana made a homemade Rose Oil mask every morning and evening to soothe her Rosacea.

Packed with Bioactive peptides...

it didn't just calm down the Rosacea symptoms...

It also boasted many anti-aging perks

Cheap Rose Water in Over The Counter Products Lacks the Rejuvenating, Cleansing and Collagen-Stimulating Effects


That's why some skincare products containing rose oil cost a fortune, while others are just a few quid.

Actually, 99% of the budget-friendly ones use bog-standard rose water

But Princess Diana opted for the much scarcer, and far more potent, Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Studies have found more than 300 biologically beneficial compounds in Rosa Damascena Flower Water, making it ideal for protecting and rejuvenating our skin

This is also the oil that expensive luxury brands use

The problem is that it’s price can reach £15,000 a kilo, and demand is extremely high and rising every year.

Rosa Damascena Flower Water 222.png__PID:98f423ee-d57d-430d-91a6-f25d4c71dd0f

In addition, the flower petals of Rosa Damascena can only be picked within a few weeks of the year, making this rose oil one of the rarest and most expensive ingredients in the skincare industry

This Boutique Family Owned Business Now Makes Premium Rose Flower Water At a Price the Average Household Can Afford


Gentle & Rose source high-quality rose oil & rose water at extremely affordable prices

And have now shared it with over 50,000 women around the world

Unlike other Rose growing regions…

Bulgaria's climate is cold and wet

Cooler temperatures in spring prevents the rose petals from forming a protective wax

The humidity also allows the rose petals to become more saturated with oils

Finally, soils are predominantly of the cinnamon woodland type, which are well drained but can retain sufficient moisture

And harvesting and exporting the raw material is a huge challenge

Because it is not profitable for the big skincare companies

That's why most skincare products with cheap rose flower water are 15 to 20 pounds...

Until now…

Introducing The Award Winning Anti-Inflammation & Soothing Rose Water Based Cleanser from Gentle&Rose


Perfectly Mimicking the DIY Face Mask of The Princess

Formulated with 100% Pure Rosa Damascena Flower Water base - The foundational ingredient for the perfect cleansing and skin soothing.

Possessing all safety certifications.

Created in the sterile and prestigious Rose Valley factories in the heart of Bulgaria

Check The Cleanser’s Limited Availability

50 000+ Women Use it Every Morning and Evening...

Advertorial Photo 8.png__PID:77400cbe-700e-42d2-bac9-b287a1363b67

4 Reasons Why This Cleanser Trumps Every Other Solution on the Market

Besides quality sourced Rosa Damascena Flower Water,

This rejuvenating blend contains a number of other Biopeptides that fight the signs of premature aging

These are powerful antioxidants and superheroes for mature and delicate skin

They give it the glow of a freshly ripened peach

And fight all external aging factors

Even while you sleep

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3:

Niacinamide Benefits Picture 1.jpg__PID:af035001-456a-4031-9ec8-650b118dc5d2

Often confused with it's younger brother, Niacin... this is the second main ingredient in the Hydrating Cleanser

It enhances the function of Stratum Corneum... The outermost layer of our dermis.

Stopping moisture loss in thin ageing skin.

Especially after menopause...

Green Tea Special Extract:

Advertorial Photo 9.webp__PID:da96ac3f-00d5-43d0-a1ae-98c0bb6e4549

This green leaf works in tandem with the antioxidants from rose flower water.

It gently purifies the skin

It prevents mature acne breakouts

And dark spots

And helps repair a broken skin barrier

This is the only real Cleanser every woman from 1-100 years should use.

To have 100% purified skin morning and night.

Preventing the early signs of premature ageing.

Because this Cleanser helps with:

✅ Eliminating free radicals
✅ Speeding up the rejuvenating functions of skin cells
✅ Stimulating melanin production
✅ Visibly smooths and strengthens the skin barrier

The Deeply Cleansing and Gentle Brush

Last Last advertorial Photo.webp__PID:73b80eb6-598c-4f63-b6ae-c887d134c4a2

This little silicone brush clears out excessive dirt

It cleans the skin’s pores

And prepares it for better absorption of other skincare products

Allowing the active ingredients in toners, serums and moisturizers to penetrate the skin more deeply

Check The Cleanser’s Limited Availability

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