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How Your Damaged Skin Barrier Might Be the Hidden Culprit Behind Wrinkles, Skin Sagging and Discoloration 

New Research Shows How To Protect & Repair Our Sun-Destroyed Skin Barrier  

By Dr. Karli Richards - Board Certified Wound Care Specialist



Our skin barrier is our foundation for youth and radiance.


The Skin Barrier is our skin’s natural shield that protects our living cells.


Ironic since our skin barrier is made up of dead cells.

So why do we have broken, damaged skin barriers? 

  • Well, 90% of visible aging…
  • Including a damaged skin barrier…
  • Happens due to solar rays.
  • And NO, this is not only when it is sunny outside! 
  • Solar Rays penetrate even cloudiest weather.
  • The sun’s rays are constantly attacking our skin barrier…
  • Breaking it down more and more everyday.
  • UV rays we already know about.
  • But did you know the sun’s other rays prematurely age our skin just as much...?
  • Infrared radiation is over 50% of the sun’s rays.
  • It’s what produces heat on the planet…
  • And our skin.
  • But too much infrared radiation literally cooks our skin cells.
  • The other “aging ray” is Visible Light.
  • That’s where we get our Vitamin D from…
  • So we don’t want to block it.

Sunscreen doesn’t block these “other” solar rays anyway. 

But we DO need to counteract the damaging effects of solar rays..

Especially how quickly they damage our skin barrier.

Here’s the thing:

Without a healthy skin barrier…

We’re throwing ALL our money away on expensive serums, moisturizers and cleansers.

The skin barrier is what locks moisture and nutrition in.

When we have a damaged skin barrier…

Everything we give our skin seeps out…

Unless we actually SEAL it with a breathable, protective coating.

Even worse?

Solar rays, HEV blue light and environmental toxins easily get inside our skin when our skin barrier shield is down.

That means…

Our #1 anti-aging priority is rapidly repairing the skin barrier!

A broken skin barrier is why we:

  • Lose so much collagen, volume, plumpness and lift…
  •  Develop dry, cracking, red, puffy, combination skin problems…
  • See deeper expression wrinkles form on our forehead, lips, and especially our eyes…
  • Take on a darker, duller, lifeless skin tone - speckled with dark spots and all-over discoloration…
  • Our skin’s renewal cycle slows WAY down - taking longer for our brighter, tighter, plumper cells to reach the surface…

The worst part about skin barrier damage are
Zombie Cells

Zombie cells are exactly what they sound like.

They “turn” our youthful, healthy cells into one of them.  

They’re skin cells that are so damaged, they can’t take themselves out of circulation to die or repair.

The more Zombie Cells that accumulate…
The faster we visibly age.

Of course, what’s the core reason WHY we’re accumulating so many Zombie Cells?

Once we’re over 50…

We lose so much collagen, moisture and nutrition, our face loses its structure.

It’s a stuffed animal… losing its stuffing. 

The solution to visible aging is solving the skin-barrier-dilemma.
When I tried different skin-barrier-solutions…
I was shocked at how much worse the problem got.
These were popular skincare products I found on Amazon.
Most of them with 5 star reviews.

Products like:

Sunscreen… (duh!) 😶‍🌫️

Retinol peels… 

Plumping creams… 

Antioxidant serums… 

Collagen-boosting moisturizers… 

None of them worked!
Let’s start with sunscreen.
This one shocked me the most.

Did you know that the FDA no longer approves popular sun blocking chemicals?

❌ Avobenzone…
❌ Oxybenzone…
❌ Zinc Oxide…

They’re NOT FDA approved.

So why are these sunscreens getting 5 star reviews on Amazon?
They protect against burns. So people think they work.
The reality?
UV blockers last between 30 minutes and 2 hours.
Then they degrade and become as toxic as the UV they’re supposed to protect us from.
Retinol products weren’t any better. They stripped so many dead-skin layers…
There was hardly any skin barrier left.
Plus, retinol leaves our skin horribly exposed to the sun’s rays,
which is why you can't use Retinol and go out. 

And don’t even get me started on sunscreen again… so soon.
Antioxidant serums, plumping creams, collagen boosters?
They’re basically ALL the same.

They’re meant to help neutralize free radicals.

Free Radicals are the criminal element in our skin.

Free radicals are produced inside our skin cells, in-reaction to solar rays, blue light, and other toxins.
These are the same free radicals people get from smoking cigarettes.
Except we don’t need to light up.

The sun’s rays trigger the SAME carcinogenic domino effect as smoking! 

So… the secret to regaining youth and preventing visible aging is three-fold:


Seal the skin barrier… locking in moisture & nutrition…


Neutralize free radicals… as quickly as they’re produced…


Stimulate the fibroblasts… so we’re producing type 1 collagen…

And of course…
It’s 100% essential to protect our skin against UV with non-toxic SPF.
Little did I know I could achieve all 3 things…
With only 1 ingredient.
Scientists found that ingredient in the coldest, windiest, most desolate part of earth in Antarctica.

It’s called Antarcticine®.

Antarcticine® comes from an isolated layer of ice on the King George Islands.
It’s basically the middle of nowhere.

Antarcticine® is cryoprotectant.

 It instantly seals the skin barrier,
Locking in moisture and nutrients…while blocking environmental toxins and solar rays.

The result?
✅ Instant skin tightening…
✅ A dewy complexion…
✅ Up to 10x the plumpness and volume.

As a practicing skincare board certified specialist…

I’ve never seen a more effective ingredient to help instantly repair the skin barrier.

At the same time, Antarcticine® stimulates the Fibroblast stem cells…

Jumpstarting Type 1 Collagen and Elastin production.

In only months…

We can regain the “stuffing” we’ve already lost or prevent it from ever happening.

As a mom myself, I’ll never let my kids use that cheap Amazon or drugstore sunscreen again.

Not knowing what they really do to our skin.

Oh, did I mention Antarcticine’s one of the most powerful antioxidants found anywhere on the planet?

That’s exactly why I helped develop
Antarctic Sun Defence

Today’s 22nd Century Natural 50 SPF Solar Rays Protection Antioxidant Daily Moisturiser

Ever since its inception, Antarctic Sun Defence has significantly disrupted the skincare landscape.

When I first introduced it to the market, it raised eyebrows and rattled the status quo.

 It was a contrarian move against the grain of conventional skincare companies, and it did more than just make a splash - it caused a wave.

"Instead of encouraging consumers to add another layer to an already lengthy skincare routine,

I took a divergent approach. I was driven to simplify, to declutter, to streamline the process of maintaining one's skin health while saving women money in the process.

You should not spend hundreds a month to look your best! The result?

Antarctic Sun Defence, a meticulously designed formula that combines the benefits of expensive moisturisers, serums and 50 SPF organic filters sunscreen into one powerhouse solution.

No more wrestling with 10-step routines just to look and feel your best.

We've consigned that to the past. Antarctic Sun Defence ushers in a new era of skincare, one that values quality over quantity, efficacy over excess.

It's time to embrace the simplicity of a well-thought-out, well-executed, and well-integrated skincare regimen.

The science confirms it:
There’s nothing else on Earth capable of visibly repairing our skin barrier & stopping free radical damage… like Antarcticine®!

And we won’t find a more bioavailable form of Antarcticine® than…

Antarctic Sun Defence

This SPF50 blocker isn’t your grandma’s sunscreen.
My team and I developed this brand-new defence formula to help instantly repair the skin barrier…
Adding REAL UV protection.
And because we don’t use degrading chemicals to achieve 50 SPF…
Antarctic Sun Defence’s ingredients don’t degrade and trigger free radical damage.
Even better… Antarctic Sun Defence works rain or shine…
In the scorching heat and freezing cold.

Antarctic Sun Defence provides the skin barrier protection our skin needs to actually benefit from our skincare too.

That’s why we added other therapeutic grade ingredients like:

❤️❤️❤️ The Kakadu Plum - The world’s most potent antioxidant. It’s also shown to regulate and evenly distribute melanin… Significantly reducing dark spots for an all-over even-tone and glow.

💜💜 💜 Marine Earth Water - So we can recharge our skin cell electricity factories for our brightest skin ever.

💙💙💙 Rice Water - To help gently exfoliate dead skin cells (aka the very top of our skin barrier.) This helps brighten and purify our skin.

We even added Indian Ginseng to Antarctic Sun Defence to protect our skin from HEV Blue Light.

This isn’t just an amazing addition to our skincare routine.

Antarctic Sun Defence replaces even the most expensive moisturisers and serums.

This is the one sun-blocking every woman should use from 1 - 100 years old.

All without nasty, hormone disrupting chemicals.

✅ Boosts, Nurtures and Protects The Fragile Skin Barrier
✅ Neutralize free radicals…
✅ Stimulate collagen & elastin… ✅ Regulate melanin production… ✅ Firm, retexture, thicken & lift loose skin…
✅ Visibly smooth, plump & repair the skin barrier…
✅ And speed up cellular turnover (for faster results)...
✅ SPF50 UVA & UVB Protection

Try Antarctic Sun Defense now

Supplies are limited, so get your bottles before someone else does.

Save more money when you get at least 3 bottles.
And hey, since you should apply Antarctic Sun Defence to every part of your body that’s exposed to solar rays…

Why not save a bunch of money too?

Cryoprotecting the skin barrier can:

✔️ Tighten, lift and plump our skin
✔️ Smooth away wrinkles & lines
✔️ Gives us a dewy, bright complexion
✔️ Lock in collagen-boosting nutrients
✔️ Restructure & reshapes our appearance

👉👉👉 In A Non-Toxic Natural 50 SPF Solar rays Protection Antioxidant Daily Moisturiser

Try Antarctic Sun Defense now