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The sunscreen hoax? 

Why Popular OTC Sunscreens Can’t Stop Photoaging (And Even Damage Our Skin As Much As Solar Rays) 

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Dr. Karli Richards

As a practicing Skincare and Would Care Specialist, I always tell my patients to use a high SPF sunblock.


But is sunscreen the most important part of our daily anti-aging routine?

Or is something else we need to make sure and use MORE than sunscreen?

The truth is…

Antioxidants are the only thing that slows down (and visibly reverses) damage done by the UV rays known as photodamage.

Without the right daily antioxidants, our skin cells rapidly age… faster everyday.

As lots of women know…

Solar rays trigger free radicals in our skin cells.

They’re the criminal element that damage skin cells.

They take their missing electrons away from our healthy skin cells. Mutating skin cells and radically aging our appearance.

"UV Damage triggers the same free radicals we get from smoking cigarettes"

"Effects of smoking, sun and stress on the skin of identical twins. Guess which one took care of her skin?"

What a lot of us don’t know is…

Free radicals damage our skin cells so much, and so fast, they’re unable to go through Apoptosis.
It’s a big word, but an essential one.
Apoptosis is when damaged skin cells can’t take themselves out of circulation to repair themselves or die.


These “zombie cells” compound free radical damage.

Zombie Skin Cells spew toxins that damage all the healthy skin cells around them. So one Zombie Cell can quickly become millions.
They just keep accumulating and accumulating…

Pressing fast-forward on loose skin, expression wrinkles, dark spots and discoloration.
That’s why free radicals steal years of youth away from us.

"Zombie Cells" trigger a domino effect of rapid, premature aging. An effect that picks up speed once we hit 40. We start aging 3-5 years for every birthday."

In fact, Free Radicals damage the 3 most important parts of our skin:

1. Damage Our First Line Of Protection Ageing UV Damage - The Skin Barrier

2. Deplete Type 1 Collagen & Elastin

3. Slow down Cellular Turnover Function

The skin barrier is what holds moisture and nutrients in, while keeping all the bad stuff out.

It’s the first and last line of defence against free radical production.

When the skin barrier is damaged, our skin cells fill up with free radicals… faster than they’re neutralised.

Once the skin barrier stops working, free radicals slow collagen and elastin production to barely a drip.

The more free radicals we have, the faster they eat away at our type 1 collagen and elastin reserves. The result?

- Looser, thinner, saggy epidermis…
- Irregular melanin distribution & age spots…
- Rougher texture, duller skin & crepey complexion…
- Constant inflammation - like a wildfire destroying everything it touches

So, until we’re neutralizing more free radicals than solar rays produce, accelerated aging is impossible to avoid.
But just as important is…

Repairing the skin barrier & giving our skin its natural, intelligent UV blocking shield back.

But WHY popular sunscreens are NOT the #1 answer to fight Free Radicals and Zombie Skin Cells?

Ready to be shocked?

The FDA quietly removed approval for common UV-blocking ingredients.
I’m talking about ingredients that are in all of today’s most popular sunscreens.

Ingredients Include:

❌ Avobenzone…
❌ Oxybenzone…
❌ And Zinc Oxide…

These ingredients are proven to degrade when they’re exposed to UV rays. And it only takes them between 30 minutes and 2 hours to fully degrade - depending on the ingredient.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 154142.jpg__PID:cdddceea-6501-45fc-a1b1-482db5e54ebb

Once these popular sunscreen ingredients degrade…
They become as toxic to our skin cells,  as the UV light they’re supposed to protect us from.

Even worse…

These POPULAR sunscreens completely nullify the effects of our expensive antioxidant serums.

That means…
We’re getting little to no solar ray protection.

We might as well just flush our expensive antioxidant serums down the toilet.

So how can we stop and even reverse the telltale signs of looking… old?

We need the right, extra potent antioxidant protection, right?

But how can we get MORE than enough antioxidants?

And not just any antioxidants…
But antioxidants powerful enough to combat free radicals and Zombie Cells?

We also need a sunscreen that counteracts the effects of Infrared Solar Radiation…

And HEV Blue Light too emitted from all the digital devices we use daily. 

That’s exactly why I helped develop Antarctic Sun Defence
Today’s 22nd Century Natural 50 SPF Sunscreen Daily Moisturiser

Ever since its inception, Antarctic Sun Defence has significantly disrupted the skincare landscape.

When I first introduced it to the market, it raised eyebrows and rattled the status quo.

It was a contrarian move against the grain of conventional skincare companies, and it did more than just make a splash - it caused a wave.

"Instead of encouraging consumers to add another layer to an already lengthy skincare routine, I took a divergent approach.

I was driven to simplify, to declutter, to streamline the process of maintaining one's skin health while saving women money in the process. You should not spend hundreds a month to look your best! 

The result?

Antarctic Sun Defence, a meticulously designed formula that combines the benefits of expensive moisturisers, serums and 50 SPF organic filters sunscreen into one powerhouse solution.

No more wrestling with 10-step routines just to look and feel your best.

We've consigned that to the past.

Antarctic Sun Defence ushers in a new era of skincare, one that values quality over quantity, efficacy over excess.

It's time to embrace the simplicity of a well-thought-out, well-executed, and well-integrated skincare regimen.

But What Truly Sets Apart the Antarctic Sun Defence From Everything Else On The Market? 

It contains a rare ingredient from Australia, called the Kakadu Plum.

It’s one of the newest, trending skincare ingredients for a reason.
But it’s been used for thousands of years by the Aboriginal people in northern Australia.
They’ve used it for sun protection - inside and out.
Recognized as the world’s most powerful Antioxidant…
The Kakadu Plum neutralises solar-ray-caused free radicals like nothing else on the planet.
The Kakadu Plum regulates and evens out melanin production. So we have brighter skin, while erasing dark spots and giving us an all-over perfect tone.

And besides being a EU certified SPF 50 sunscreen with organic filters…
Antarctic Sun Defence features a little known cryoprotective peptide from Antarctica…

It’s called Antarcticine®. 

Antarcticine® comes from an isolated layer of ice on the King George Islands.
It’s basically the middle of nowhere.
Antarcticine® is cryoprotectant.
 It instantly seals the skin barrier, locking in moisture and nutrients…
while blocking environmental toxins and solar rays.

The Result?

✔️ Instant Skin Tightening

✔️ A Dewy Complexion

✔️ Up To 10x The Plumpness and Volume

As a practicing skincare board certified specialist…
I’ve never seen a more effective ingredient to help instantly repair the skin barrier.
At the same time, Antarcticine® stimulates the Fibroblast stem cells…
Jumpstarting Type 1 Collagen and Elastin production.
In only months…
We can regain the “stuffing” we’ve already lost or prevent it from ever happening.
As a mom myself, I’ll never let my kids use that cheap Amazon or drugstore sunscreen again.
Not knowing what they really do to our skin.
Oh, did I mention Antarcticine’s one of the most powerful antioxidants found anywhere on the planet?

Check Antarctic Sun Defence's Availability HERE 

This is the one sun-blocking every woman should use from 1 - 100 years old.

All without nasty, hormone disrupting chemicals.

Neutralize free radicals    Stimulate collagen & elastin    Regulate melanin production    Visibly smooth, plump & repair the skin barrier    And speed up cellular turnover (for faster results)   
Neutralize free radicals    Stimulate collagen & elastin    Regulate melanin production    Visibly smooth, plump & repair the skin barrier    And speed up cellular turnover (for faster results)   
Check Antarctic Sun Defence's Availability HERE 

It’s a new product, so supplies are very limited. If after 60 days, your skin doesn’t look years younger, Gentle & Rose will give you a no questions asked refund.

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